How to Successfully Sell a Home with a Cat

Posted by on Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 9:01pm.

If you own a cat you know just how bad the odours can be that emanate from the kitty litter box. Just imagine how magnified that smell would be when potential home buyers enter your dwelling that aren't cat owners and aren't accustomed to these foul odours. If a potential buyer notices an odd smell or other damage that the cat may have caused, your home could lose up to 30% of its value. It's important to find out how to sell your home with a cat so that you can maximize your profit and be able to sell it fast.

Changing the litter box

Keep the litter box clean at all times. If you're only cleaning the litter once a day try to do it at least twice daily. This will help stop lingering odours from developing in your home and if your agent calls and lets you know that a potential buyer would like to come and see your home soon you won't have a lot of cleaning to do in the box.

Moving the litter box

Cats are funny creatures and they usually don't take well to change. If you're thinking of moving the litter box into a less conspicuous part of the home, you may be asking for trouble. A cat can decide that he's going to teach you a lesson for moving his toilet and decide to leave a few messes behind for you on the floor or even in the bathtub. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, keep the litter box where it is and don't make any drastic changes.

If your cat has fleas

If your cat has fleas then you can safely assume that your home does as well. You'll need to contact a professional for help to get them out of the carpet and any furniture before allowing anyone into your home for a viewing. You certainly won't want to have guests leaving with little bite marks around their ankles.

The majority of the people that come into your home won't care if they see a cat lying around the house. What will bother them the most is the odour they create. Make sure that you clean and then clean even more to get rid of all of the cat smells in your home.

On a final note

In 2013 a home for sale in Melbourne Australia increased in price by $140,000 because the sellers agreed to include their cat in the home purchase deal. A potential buyer fell in love with Tiffany the family cat and had her included in the offer. The family included her in the sale because Tiffany believed that the house was her property. If you own a cat, you already know that your feline friend does indeed feel like she owns the home.

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