It Was a High-Tech Remembrance Day for Calgary This Year

Posted by on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

Remembrance Day was celebrated today and along with it came signs of the new age of technology. As you were driving along Calgary Memorial Drive, you may have noticed that a lot of the crosses had QR codes on them. This is the type of technology that is much like a UPC code, but it can hold more information and can be accessed by a smart phone.

When a person holds a smart phone up to the QR code, the phone is automatically redirected to an online website. On the crosses, the cell phone user was brought to a vignette online about a soldier.

The Calgary Poppy Fund helped to organize the annual memorial project, Field of Poppies, and decided this year to add QR codes. This was a special way to find out about a soldier's personal story by accessing the code that appeared on the crosses of monuments across Calgary.

The idea of war is a very far distance from the mind's of the younger generations. Through these stories, younger people can get a better understanding of what these soldiers actually went through. It's one thing to learn about a war through history classes at school and quite another to hear about one soldier's story in battle.

Connecting up the younger with the older generation can be done through today's technological advances. This is definitely a step forward when it comes to educating the young people in Calgary about Remembrance Day and what it's really all about. Soldiers should be proud that today's generation can have more access to the history of our country and can find out how Canada was kept safe for so many years.

The Calgary Poppy Fund reports that at least 3,000 soldiers that have called Southern Alberta their homes have lost their lives in action during the last 100 years. This day is for them and for all of the others that so bravely sacrificed for this country.

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