Keep Your Best Friend Safe This Summer with These Dog Safety Tips

Posted by on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

 When the temperature rises, your dog will be feeling it more than you do. Imagine yourself putting on a fur coat and then spending some time outside. It wouldn't take long before you'd be feeling the heat and needing some immediate relief!

In the car

Of course, leaving any type of animal in a car during the summer months can lead to disaster very quickly. A vehicle will heat up just like a sauna even if you keep the windows open an inch or two. Even though you may not need to be reminded about it, there are many people out there that simply don't realize how quickly an animal can succumb to the heat in a car. Calgary officials receive a good number of complaints every month during this hot season about animals that have been left in vehicles. If you happen to see a furry friend left alone like this, you need to call it the City of Calgary immediately to get it rescued. It only takes a few minutes before the temperature inside a car can rise to 40°C or more.

If you're traveling in your car along with your dog and don't have air conditioning, make sure that you bring along some fresh water for him. Even though you have the windows open while you're traveling, he'll still be feeling the heat in the car and will need to stay hydrated during the trip.

During a walk

Try to avoid any strenuous exercise for your dog and try to time your walks during the early morning or evening hours when the heat of the sun is less intense. Avoid sand and hot asphalt since they can burn the paws on your dog very quickly.

Don't let your dog walk on any lawns that have signs up as a warning about chemical treatments on the grass. If the lawns have been treated only a short time ago, your dog could be poisoned by walking on them.

When you're swimming

If you haven't been swimming with your dog before, don't naturally assume that he's a swimming champion. Start off slowly in shallow water and bring along treats and toys to help him get used to being in water. You should never bring a dog into a lake or river and just leave him dangling in the deep end.

What's your dog is ready to swim, remember that swimming can be a very tiring activity. Don't push him too much, especially if he is not an experienced swimmer, and never leave any dog alone in the water without direct supervision.

The biggest rule to remember when you're taking your dog out of the home for any reason is to carry along extra water. Dogs can't sweat and have to pant to keep cool. Without enough water, they can get dehydrated very quickly in the heat of the sun and even in the shade. Water bottles and travel-along doggie bowls should be taken along for any walks or travels that are longer than a quick jaunt around the block.

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