Mouldings Are a Low-Cost Renovation Project That Can Completely Restyle a Room

Posted by on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

Add some flair instantly to rooms in your Saddle Ridge home with new mouldings. They are inexpensive and can transform a dull room into a piece of art with very little work on your end. Best of all, new mouldings can make a dramatic difference since they will be instantly noticed when you walk into a room.

Thicker mouldings

To liven up your room take down the small, thin mouldings that came with your home and buy thicker and wider mouldings to put up. They add a framing effect to the walls while making them appear oh so elegant!

Trending now in the form of mouldings are the flat types versus the more complicated styles with intricate designs. If you have a room that's been furnished traditionally and want to add a classic look to it, you may want to consider a Victorian moulding style instead.

Adding new mouldings may not raise your home's value but it can make your home stand out over others on the market and contribute to a faster sale.

Moulding materials

Most mouldings are made of oak, pine or MDF, which is a composite material that is made from fiber board. If you're following a budget, MDF would be your best choice since it is the least expensive. This moulding offers a smooth finish since it doesn't have a natural grain to it.

Pine mouldings are less expensive than the ones made of oak and are the cheapest wood mouldings available. They can be varnished and stained but they don't look as nice and finished as the oak ones do after these processes have been done. Pine can look splotchy once it has been painted or varnished so if you're planning to stain or paint your mouldings you'd be better off choosing a more expensive oak option. There are other moulding materials available, such as maple wood, but they aren't as easy to find as oak, pine and fiber board.

You can install and finish your mouldings as a do-it-yourself project. This gives you the chance to be creative with it and make any changes to it as needed. You can stain or paint the mouldings depending on the type you choose and what you want your desired final look to be.

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