Moving to Calgary? This Is What You'll Need to Know First!

Posted by on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

If you're planning a move to Calgary here are a few things you may want to know about the city first. Like every other metropolis, Calgary has its own heartbeat and structure. Ask almost any Calgarians though and they'll tell you that they absolutely love it here and would never think of moving anywhere else.The city has quadrants

Not all big cities are broken down this way but Calgary sure is and it's something you have to quickly get used to. You'll often hear residents talking about the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest districts and once you've lived here a short while you'll get to know all the boundaries. You'll be able to conjure up a mental picture of the area being described without even thinking about it.

Instead of having to learn all of the different neighborhood and community names, someone can just mention the name of a certain part of town and tell you what quadrant it is located in. This makes life a lot simpler especially when you're a newcomer to town.

The streets have numbers

Most of the streets in the city don't have a fancy name for them but are numbered instead. At first it can seem very confusing but once you get used to this organized street structuring, you'll never want to go back to fancy named streets again. It makes things much simpler when you're traveling through Calgary to find things and get located.

When streets are numbered you can immediately find out whether you are going in the right direction when you're looking for a certain place or whether you need to turn around and head the other way. The planning for the city was actually done brilliantly taking into account ease of mobility and simple mapping.

The residents here are friendly

You'll find that the people living here in the city are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. This is no stand-offish city that will take you years to fit in - it's a warm and welcoming environment.

Calgary is full of prosperity and this creates an uplifting atmosphere for everybody. When you have a city that's growing and the economy is doing well, there is a lot less stress amongst the residents and the mood is more positive and happier overall. If you're planning a move to this city in the near future, you're absolutely going to love it here!

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