Multitasking Is the New Word for Exercise

Posted by on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 8:59pm.

After a hard day of work how many people have the time or the energy to hit the gyms? If you have kids that need to get picked up from the sitters, you definitely won't be able to squeeze in time to work out into your hectic day. There’s still a way of exercising though and it's in the form of multitasking. When you're sitting at your desk you can create a few minutes to do a type of "desk workout" to help burn off calories.

Chair squatting

Sit at the edge of your seat and place your arms in front of your body on the desk. Ever so slowly pull yourself up until you are in a standing position and then lower yourself back to the chair. Do this a few times during the day and you'll start to see results quickly.

Take a good stretch

Not only will this burn off a few calories but it will give you a second wind when you need it the most. A lot of employees feel the afternoon sluggish time period when the clock ticks by ever so slowly. This stretch will give you a quick burst of energy and you'll have to try it for yourself to see how great it works.

Imagine that you’re a cat. You've probably seen a cat stretch right after it wakes up from a nap. It's a full force stretch where every single muscle in its body is being stretched to its fullest. You can do this while you're sitting and unless somebody is studying you they'll never know that you're doing it. Just make sure that you concentrate and that a full stretch is being done.

The seat lift

Put your hands on the edge of your chair and with your knees tight together slowly trying to raise yourself off of the chair with your arms. It doesn't matter whether you accomplish getting any height what matters is the strength you use to try to get yourself out of the chair. Do this often enough and magically one day you'll find yourself slightly off the chair with brand-new arm muscles that shine.

Chest stretch

Stand up at your desk, put your hands behind your back and clasp them. While you are pulling your shoulder blades inwards trying to get them to meet, make your chest expand. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then sit down again.

You’ll find yourself completely energized and able to produce more when you give your body the treat of exercise during the day. It's hard for anyone to sit for extended periods of time and this can make you incredibly tired. When you're feeling exhausted try some of these exercises and see the difference in your energy level for yourself.

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