New GIS Planning Website in the Works to Help Attract Business to Calgary

Posted by on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 4:12pm.

GIS Planning along with the Calgary Regional Partnership is making it easier for businesses around the world to find out all of the research information they need to make an informed decision about relocating to the city or investing in real estate here. Calgary's been on the radar for a lot of investors and companies in many different countries around the world that are searching for a good opportunity. Now they can access information at the touch of a button to find out more about this city and what it offers.

This site uses Geographic Information System Software that provides access to information including the following.

  • Industry breakdowns
  • Demographics (education levels, age, consumer spending, labor force etc.)
  • Real estate

The goal of this operation is to increase the prosperity and growth across Calgary. New businesses will be attracted to the area, which will add to the current employment opportunities and open up more areas for investment.

What makes this website so valuable?

The first thing that needs to occur with any business or investor that is considering a relocation or an opportunity is an exchange of information. This website is the first step towards providing this data so that further planning can occur. Requests for information can be responded to in real time to keep the progress moving forward without any unnecessary slowdowns.

Regional Partnership has been helping to manage growth in Calgary communities since 1999, focusing on making life as good as it can be for future generations. It works with 14 regional municipalities to ensure sustainable growth on a long-term basis. Now, it is also making sure that decision-makers will have access to the critical business data that they need via this website.

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