New Tiles That Can Absorb Pollution - Just What Every Big City Needs!

Posted by on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

One of the problems of living in a big city is breathing in the pollutants that can be found in the air. Here in Calgary, we don't have as big a problem as other major cities in the world but it's nice to know that there are new tiles that can absorb the pollutants to leave us with fresher air to breathe.

New tiles for buildings

These pollutant-absorbing tiles are called prosolve370e and when you look at them you'll see that they resemble coral or honeycomb. The tiles are white and stay the same colour over time. Even though these tiles are sucking up the pollution in the air, they don't tend to change colour and are actually self-cleaning.

These tiles work with a titanium dioxide coating and have been designed by Elegant Embellishments, a design company in Germany. The coating found on the tiles have a reaction with sunlight so that during the daytime hours the tiles do their job and absorb pollutants.

Mexico City is using these tiles

Down in Mexico City, the tiles have been placed on one of the large hospitals. It's estimated that the surface area can reduce the amount of nitrous oxide that is given out by 1000 cars on a daily basis.

There are many cities that are currently examining these tiles to see how they could be used. Basically, any city in the world that has been designed to accommodate cars can make use of these tiles to reduce the pollution level in the city. It may come to pass that Calgary adopts these tiles too in the future, especially once they have been tried and tested successfully in other major cities that are more prone to smog than we are.

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