Newest Calgary Fireplace Trends

Posted by on Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 9:10pm.

The newest trends are heating up in Calgary. Whether you are looking for a trditional type of fireplace complete with real logs and splinter wood or would prefer a newer and more modern gas fireplace, you'll be thrilled to see the newer models that are now available.

When you want a modern look

If you want your traditional type of fireplace to reflect the modern decor that you see in the rest of your room, you'll run across models complete with linear lines. The newer designs come with more glass and less metal so that you can have full view of the lighting within.

Outdoor fireplaces

Create an exciting new atmosphere in your backyard with an outdoor fireplace. It's going to be one of the hottest fireplace trends for 2014.

Gas fireplaces

Don't worry about having to stockpile wood this season by investing in a gas fireplace. These are always a popular design and will continue to trend this year. How cozy is it to turn on the fireplace with a switch and then sit back to enjoy all of the luxury and comfort that comes with owning your own fireplace?

New technology

Nowadays a fireplace insert can be set up higher on the wall, much like you would place your TV. Technology allows fireplace owners to put a gas fireplace just about anywhere in the home and at any height. This can add a brand-new dimension to the room decor.

Fireplace trends are becoming more creative with models being installed in bathrooms and kitchens or in other rooms in the house where you wouldn't expect to find one. Even home theaters can benefit from the dramatic lighting that is presented when a fireplaces is added to the room.

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