Problems with Your Neighbours? Suing Them May Not Be the Best Answer!

Posted by on Thursday, March 20th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

Sometimes it doesn't take very long for a small dispute to escalate into something much, much bigger. When it has reached the boiling point, you may think about suing your neighbor. After all, it does seem to be the thing to do on the prime time court shows! The problem is that you don't get a chance to see what happens afterwards on the shows when the neighbours have to go back home and live amongst each other again!

Before taking things to court, try to work things out diplomatically. If you can't resolve things between the 2 of you, it may be a good idea to call in an unbiased third party to help. Anything that you can do to avoid a court case will be better than dealing with the aftereffects of suing your neighbour. You never know how anybody will react when they are faced with a lawsuit. Angry neighbours can be difficult if not impossible to live with on a daily basis.

Part of finding the perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood also involves finding the perfect neighbours. Before placing pen to paper to make an offer for a house, you can simply ask the current homeowner how the neighbours are. You can also ask about any strange neighbours that may live in the area. If you don't feel comfortable asking about this type of thing, you can ask your real estate agent to do it for you.

In most situations you will end up with caring friendly neighbours that can come in handy when you need them. Bad neighbours, although they come with quite a reputation, are actually rare to find. Most people do care about one another and are willing to work through minor disputes to make sure that they don't escalate to a feud that can potentially last for years!

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