Screamfest Is On! Grab Your Tickets Early for Discounted Prices!

Posted by on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

The 2013 version of Screamfest is now on and it's bigger and better than ever. Activities take place at Stampede Park in the Grandstand Building. Schedule some time this year to take in Canada’s scariest and largest Halloween event that's brought to you with plenty of western hospitality.

Take in the haunted houses and all of the disturbing and creepy entertainment! Play the carnival games and be ready to scream! The events are geared towards adults and it's not recommended that young children attend, although they will be let in if parents are with them.

New this year at Screamfest

Zombie Paintball - This looks especially fun! The zombie apocalypse has arrived and now you can hop on board the bus and drive around to peg off the zombies walking around outside.

Alcohol is being served - This year you can enjoy a drink if you're over 18.

DJ Akantosh and Emma M. Kennedy - Appearing for one night only, DJ Akantosh and Emma M. Kennedy are sure to add some fear into the night with a dance and a DJ mix along with Emma playing some violin. This event takes place on October 25th and the fun starts at 9 PM.

This year's carnival games

The lineup of fearful carnival games that will be available this year include the following:

  • Gary
  • Lose an Eye
  • Wheel of misfortune
  • Bowels of hell
  • Head hunter
  • Feed the demon
  • Witch's brew

You can use killer cash to play these games or 4 tokens.

Buried alive

Being buried in a coffin is scary enough but with the earth being poured on the lid and the bugs coming to eat you alive it's almost unbearable! You won't be able to resist screaming at this one!

Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn

These performers are bringing a new show to Screamfest this year. The event includes fearful yet amazing feats and there are 4 live shows running nightly. These 2 performers will be shocking audiences daily while Screamfest is open.

For more ghoulish details you can visit - if you dare!

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