Selling a Home: Common Documents Needed in the Selling Process

Common Documents Needed to Sell a HomeOnce a homeowner has decided that they want to sell their home, they need to make sure that they get everything together to make the process smooth. That means the homeowner needs to have all of the right documentation in place and readily available for the process. Some of these documents can be created by their real estate agent during the process but there are also some that they need to locate on their own. Once they know what they need, they can start the process of selling their home and they can help the process run smoothly and faster as a result.

The Main Documents they Need to Sell their Home

There are a few main documents that homeowner should gather when they are considering selling their home. These are documents that their agent will likely ask for during the preparation for closing, so it is always a good idea to get these together ahead of time. The first document they will need is their mortgage loan information. These are the papers that they signed when they closed on the home at the time that they purchased it.

This will show what the purchase cost was and will play into the closing. they will also need to have the deed for the home to be able to sign it over to the new owners of the property so that it can be transferred into their name(s). they should locate the final purchase and sale agreement which is the document that they signed at the original closing that has their terms for the purchase of the property. Once the property is sold, this will be voided. Just like the buyers needed the deed for the property, they need to title report that shows them as the current title owner of the property. This should also show the title history of the property.

When selling a home in Springbank Hill or elsewhere, the homeowner should also gather all of the property tax information that they have for the home including most recent tax statement. This will allow their agent to provide the most up to date tax numbers to potential buyers. they will need to have their most current homeowners insurance information which is used to prove that they have active insurance on the property and determine how much insurance they have on the property. There may be other documents their real estate agent requires or drafts for the closing but these specific items should be discussed with their real estate agent.

Other Potential Documents they May Need

In addition to the main documents that homeowners need for the selling of the property, there are some other potential documents that they may need depending on the specific situation that the property is currently in. The potential documents they may need include:

  • Any reports or documentation that relates to the property—If they have any other documentation that pertains to the property, they should provide it to their real estate agent.
  • Lease agreement—If they are currently renting the property to someone else, they need to provide a copy of the leasing agreement so that it can be transferred to the new owner(s).

Once the homeowners have decided that they want to sell their home, they need to get these documents together. This list can help they get started but they may also find that their real estate agent will require other documents for the closing. However, having these documents ready will help their overall selling process go quickly and smoothly.

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