Selling a Matrimonial Home after a Divorce - It Can Turn into an Emotional Roller Coaster

Posted by on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 9:01pm.

It's often difficult to keep emotions in check when you have to sell a home due to a divorce. While selling any home can be an experience that's riddled with emotion, it can definitely be harder to sell a home with all of the attached emotions when a relationship has ended.

Legal advice

It's imperative to get the best legal advice possible whether you're going through a simple or a complex divorce. You need to find out what your options are and then take the time to look through them to come up with a final decision about the home. If things are getting too emotional, you may want to talk to a neutral person about your choices.

Finding a real estate agent

If 2 people are separating and it's agreed that the home will be sold, a real estate agent will be needed. Both parties can either agree on a single representation by one brokerage or decide to hire 2 agents from separate brokerages that work together to sell the house. This is considered to be a co-listing agreement and not all real estate firms are willing to work with this type of arrangement. In some cases, the agents can get stuck in the middle when 2 spouses are at different ends of the spectrum concerning the home sale.

Let your agent know about your situation

You'll need to be upfront with your real estate agent and let him know that you're in the middle of a divorce and what type of cooperation can be expected from your ex-spouse. If you need to sell the home quickly, your agent needs to know this for marketing purposes. He may suggest asking for a lower price in order to see a faster turnaround.

Both spouses will have to review the offers that are made on the matrimonial home and come to a final agreement on them. It's a lot easier to agree on a final sale for the home when both spouses are willing to work together but this is not always possible. When both parties don't want to talk to each other regarding the sale, the real estate agent will have to tread cautiously and approach each one separately with respect and regard for the situation at hand.

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