Shop Locally in Calgary! Now It's Easier Than Ever!

Posted by on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 at 12:48pm.

If you're like most people you want to help out area producers, farmers and suppliers as much as possible. Now, thanks to a new program in Calgary, you can do your part to help back up the people and companies that are working quietly in the background to put food on your table.

The founder and CEO of Localize, Meghan Dear, has initiated a new project here in Calgary that will show you what produce and other food items have been supplied locally. These products will be coming from Alberta and other parts of Western Canada and will be visibly recognizable on the grocery shelves next month.

There will be 24 Co-Op stores in the area participating in this new project including the ones in High River, Airdrie and Strathmore. There will be more than 400 different products highlighted with this campaign and as the project progresses it is expected that more supermarkets and suppliers will become involved.

It's easy now to find the products you need that are being supplied locally. There will be labels, bright orange in colour, attached to the shelves underneath the foodstuff. This is a unique and innovative project that will help consumers with their food choices to help support local companies and producers.

Shopping locally has become a trend not only here in Calgary but across Canada. People from coast to coast are viewing this new trend as a way to support the local economy. It really makes a lot of sense considering it's a win-win situation for both parties involved: the producer get more business and the consumer ends up with fresher produce.

When you're out and about shopping next month take a look for these bright orange labels and do your part when you can. As well, help spread the word so that Calgary can support the many hard-working individuals that are working in the food industry in the western part of Canada.

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