Simple Lock Facts You Should Know to Help Keep Your Home Secure

Posted by on Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

Once you've found the perfect house you'll need to work on keeping it secure. Not everyone has the money to invest in a high-end security system but any homeowner should have the funds to put towards a quality lock. Here are some simple yet important facts you should know about the locks you choose to install on your home.

1. Always rekey your locks

When you buy a home make sure that you get it rekeyed as soon as possible. The odds are good that there is a master key somewhere out there that can open your doors.

2. Contractors aren't locksmiths

Most contractors don't have a clue about the proper installation of a deadbolt system. If your deadbolt lock isn't installed properly, you won't be protected.

3. Avoid the locks from hardware stores

Look for a lock that has a minimum grade 2 rating for increased security. These locks are hard to find at most of the big box stores.  It’s best to search for a lock at a professional locksmith shop. You should also avoid purchasing a locked safe or a door lock at an auction or a flea market. It may cost hundreds to get these locks functional.

4. Calling a locksmith

There are a couple of rules you should follow when you do find yourself locked out of your home and need the services of a locksmith. First of all, don't worry if you have to call in a professional twice or more in the same week! It's not uncommon for a person to lose their keys twice in a week. If you have received good service from one locksmith, don't be embarrassed to call again.

The second rule to remember is to only call one locksmith company. If you call in other competitors to see which one will arrive the fastest, there's a chance that all of the locksmiths will turn down your business due to calling in more than one at a time. It's inconsiderate and a waste of everyone's valuable time.

5. The best type of lock

Look for a lock that has screws that are a minimum of 3 inches long on the security plate and has at least a 1" throw for the deadbolt. The long screws will be able to reach deep down into the wood frame on the door, making it harder for thieves to enter.

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