Some Services You May Want to Consider When Your Calgary Home Is on the Market

Posted by on Friday, August 16th, 2013 at 9:01pm.

It's important to keep your home as clean as possible when you have it up for sale on the Calgary market. You probably already have a lot of pride in your property and try to keep it as tidy and as clean as you can. With pets and kids in the house, however, this can be a full-time job that you really can't keep up with all the time.

Here are some of the services that you may want to consider using while your home is listed to keep it as marketable as possible:

House organizer - There are professional organizers that will come into your home and get everything organized for you. This can cut down on a lot of clutter and you may end up throwing out or giving away a lot of your unused items that you didn't even realize you had stored.

Housecleaning - You can purchase a one-time whole housecleaning package so that all the nooks and crannies and corners of your house are cleaned up. You may also use weekly services to keep your home spick and span so that you're always ready to invite someone in for a viewing.

General handyman - Do you have a bunch of repair projects around the home that still need to be done? If so, you can hire a handyman for a day or two and provide him with a list of these tasks. If the handyman also has experience with painting, you can usually get an excellent paint job done for a fraction of the cost that you would pay to a professional paint company.

Landscaper - Hire a professional landscaper to come in and freshen up your front lawn for you. Tell him that you will have your home on the market and that you want it to look clean and tidy. You can also ask for low-cost suggestions that would amplify the beauty in the front yard so that home buyers are swept off their feet by a gorgeous view before they even enter the front door.

If you're looking for a fast sale, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep your home tidy and clean. Even though it may seem like a never-ending project, it's important enough that you may want to consider hiring professional services just while the home is listed. It's a lot harder to sell a home that's cluttered or dirty than it is to sell one that is shiny clean and organized in appearance.

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