The ABCs of Home Staging

Posted by on Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 11:54am.

What exactly is home staging and do you need to do it if you're selling a home in Calgary? You may have heard of the term but if this is your first time selling a property you may not completely understand the rationale behind it. Once you have a better concept of home staging you'll understand why you may need it or may not.

When you stage your property you are pulling out all the stops to getting your home sold by appealing to the senses of the buyer. It's about creating a buying mood that makes prospective customers want to put in an offer. It's all about bringing out the best in your home and camouflaging the areas that may not be as great.

Home staging will make your house seem warmer, cleaner, brighter and larger. Professional decorators are trained experts in the field of design and decorating and can also be considered artists. They take a place and spruce it up to make it as appealing as it possibly can be.

Do you need home staging?

The best person that can answer this question for you is your real estate agent. He will walk through your home and let you know whether he suggests staging or not. In many cases a home can be easily sold without having to put in the extra effort. At other times, the property may not be showing well and need a little help.

What a stager does

The professional will assess your home and let you know what she suggests. Usually only accessories are needed such as plants, mirrors, throw rugs, baskets etc. to create a new effect. Sometimes it will be recommended that you bring in new furniture for a room on a temporary basis.

If the house is vacant, new furniture and accessories will need to be brought in to see a faster sale. It's a lot harder to sell a vacant home than it is one that looks inhabited. Basically, home staging is vital if you need to leave the premises and take all of your belongings with you while your home is still on the market.

In most cases the cost of staging will pay for itself through a faster sale or better offers. When the homes stager has finished assessing your home you will be given an estimate and can then decide whether you want to invest in the process or not. Home staging is not a requirement for selling your home; it is only a recommendation based on your home's appearance and the market trends in your area.

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