The Calgary Stampede Is Back on Track after Last Year's Flood

Posted by on Monday, July 7th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

Last year, the attendance numbers at the Calgary Stampede dropped due to the June flood but the Stampede is back on track this year! By Sunday morning, more than 237,000 people entered the grounds, which was 50,000 more than what was reported last year.

The weather forecast looks great for the week and it's expected that the numbers will rise as the event continues.  The weather can play a large part in the overall turnout. Thankfully, the good weather will allow visitors to come and check out the new programs and the great food available at the Stampede this year.

Must-see events and food

This year the Peking Acrobats will be putting on a show and you can see the act for free once you have paid for your attendance. You may also want to check out the new Triple B, which stands for beer, bowls and barbecue and find out what's happening at the Bell Adrenaline Ranch. Of course, you'll want to take in all you can at the rodeo while you're there but you may also want to see the newer additions to the Stampede as well.

Find out how to make delicious bannock at the Bannock Booth this year. This is a fried bread treat that you can eat plain or with jam or cheese. The booth can be found inside Indian Village and will allow you to try this famous First Nations food.

You may also want to get yourself a Coke to go with the bannock and this year you can get a personalized can that is personalized with your name. You simply have to input a name into a touchscreen and within a few seconds a personalized can of Coke will fall out. It's expected that visitors will create between 40,000 to 50,000 customized cans before the Stampede ends.

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