The Difference between a Home Appraiser and a Home Inspector

Posted by on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 5:19pm.

A wise man once said that an appraiser will be looking for all of the good things in your home while an inspector will be looking for the bad features. Basically, a home appraiser will look at your home from both the inside and the outside to determine the fair market price of your property before it is listed. A home inspector will look a bit closer to determine any major and minor flaws in the home before the deal is closed.

Home appraiser

In order to find out what the fair market value of your home is you can use the services of either a real estate agent or a professional appraiser. A real estate agent will usually perform this service for you free of charge if you are thinking of listing your home on the market. An appraiser, on the other hand, will charge a fee for the service. This fee is usually in the $300 range. You can use an agent to find out the value of your home in today's market in most cases. The only time you may need to hire a professional appraiser is when there are legalities involved such as selling an estate home or in the case of a divorce.

Home inspector

An inspector is going to look deeper into the state of your home. He will look into the systems such as electrical and plumbing and will check out the roof. He'll look for structural damage and will give you a detailed report regarding the property.This will give you the certainty of going ahead with the sale or calling it off due to major flaws in the home.

The appraiser figures out the fair market value of your home while an inspector will let you know what is wrong with it. In most cases it will be the seller that sets up an appointment with an appraiser or an agent and the buyer that will hire a professional to do an inspection.

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