Using Drones to Get Picture-Perfect Luxury Home Photos

Posted by on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

A couple of real estate agents in Vancouver, Jordan and Russ Macnab, are testing out a quad helicopter to make promotional videos on some luxury properties they have for sale. This gives a drone's eye view of a particular house and is especially useful for marketing purposes.

The videos are produced with a DJI Phantom helicopter that has a GoPro camera attached to it. The helicopter is then flown through and around the house. The result is an amazing video that captures a bird’s eye view of both the inside and the outside of the luxury home.

Other agents have also use drones. In New York, Halstead Property used technology that was similar to promote luxury properties. Other real estate agents in the United States also use drones to acquire video footage of homes. These videos can help attract buyers that live out of town.

In Canada, anyone that uses a drone must check in with Transport Canada first and complete a Special Flight Operation Certificate if it's going to be used for commercial purposes. Before granting the certificate, the individual must prove to Transport Canada that the planned operation can be conducted safely. The drone operator must also show that he is familiar with aviation regulations.

Due to the stiff and heavy regulations that come with the operation of drones, this isn't something that is going to become too popular soon. It's still in the experimental stage with only a few agents using this type of technology. It is a great way, however, to get a full 3-D picture of a home and is especially useful when selling properties to international investors.

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