Weird and Wacky Canadian Bylaws

Posted by on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

Most Canadian cities have some strange bylaws and some of them have come to light due to the new bylaw in Winnipeg that will make singing on a bus an offense. When the news came out that this bylaw had a good chance of being put into effect, there was a lot of commotion about it and a lot of the noise was being sent through social media sites.

In Winnipeg, singing would be considered as inappropriate conduct on a bus. According to this new transit bylaw, you could be fined $100 or you could be asked to leave the bus. This bylaw is almost in effect but will have to pass City Council for one final vote before it becomes 100% official.

In Mississauga Ontario, clotheslines have become illegal. Until 2008, clotheslines were banned across Ontario. It was lifted as part of Ontario's green movement.

In Kingston Ontario, you aren't allowed to shout, sing, hoot, play a musical instrument, yell or whistle between the hours of 9 PM - 7 AM in many areas of the city.

Here in Calgary, we also have some interesting bylaws in place. For example, it is illegal to stand on a sculpture, planter, bench or table in a public place. As well, you are not allowed to spit in areas that are public or spit on private property in front of others.

Perhaps our neighbours to the north have one of the most bizarre laws in Canada. In Edmonton, pigeons cannot be kept as a pet unless you have a license. Once you obtain a license, however, you're allowed to keep up to 75 pigeons at a time!

There are a lot of old bylaws that have yet to be updated in many cities across the country. For example, according to the Twitter account held by the York Regional Police, on Sundays you can be fined in Toronto if you're found dragging a dead horse along Yonge Street.

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