What Is The Right Type Of Calgary Condo For You?

Posted by on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 at 9:01pm.

There are so many different Calgary condo developments being erected in the city that it sometimes  seems difficult to keep track of what you are really looking for. Here is a simple guide to help you stay focused during your hunt for the perfect condo.


Is a pool important to you? Have you always wanted to have a pool available where you could lounge on a lazy weekend or get some exercise and de-stress after a hard day’s work? If a community pool is important to you, you should mention this to your real estate agent before you start condo hunting.


Most Calgary condos these days come with a security system. Some condos are located in a gated community with a guard while others are only buildings with locked doors at the entrance. There are other forms of security that range between these 2 types and if security is one of your main concerns, this is another thing that must be mentioned to your agent.


Are you looking for a luxury Calgary condo with all the bells and whistles? These types of condos have all sorts of amenities provided and the units are designed to be roomy. The interior of the condo will appear more lavish and everything will be built to better standards. You will pay a higher price for these types of Calgary condos but if you're planning on making it a permanent home for quite a few years it may be well worth the cost.


This is the biggest point you are going to have to go over with your real estate agent. There are certain parts of the city you'll have to avoid and other areas that will be perfect for you. Your agent can let you know which Calgary condos are the best value for your money right now according to market trends.

While finding the right type of condo can be challenging, you'll know you've found the right one as soon as you walk into it. Everything will feel right and it will just be a matter of going through the logistics to make it your own.

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