When You Don't Have the Money for a Full Kitchen Upgrade

Posted by on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 9:01pm.

If you don't have thousands of dollars available to do a full kitchen upgrade at the moment, there's no reason why you can't make some fabulous changes to the kitchen to make it look awesome. Here are some budget-minded ideas you can use to make your kitchen sparkle and update its appearance.

Paint your old cabinets

If you see a lot of wear and tear on your cabinets, why not paint them? A lighter color of paint will add more space to your kitchen by making it appear larger. Take some sandpaper, rough up the cabinet surfaces, apply some primer and then start painting!

Add some glass

Put a glass insert into one or two of your cabinets and you'll create a brand-new look. As long as you have the type of cabinets that have a removable panel, it will be a simple job. Otherwise, you can contact a handyman to see what he can do. These glass inserts generally run anywhere from $7 to $10 per square inch, making them a cost-effective choice for a kitchen upgrade.

Crown mouldings on cabinets

These are cheap yet classy additions that can be added to any type of cabinet. If you're thinking of repainting, you'll be able to add the mouldings before you pull out the can of paint so that you don't have to worry about matching wood tones or paint colors!

Brand-new hardware

Dress up your cabinets with new hardware pieces such as pulls and knobs. Make sure that you choose replacements that will fit into the current holes in your cabinets. When you look at the assortment of cabinet hardware that is being sold at your local home improvement stores, you'll be amazed. There's a wide variety available and something that will fit perfectly into any type of kitchen style and design.

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