Why Do People Like To Live In Springbank Hill?

Posted by on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 7:53pm.

As one of Calgary's more desirable neighborhoods, Springbank Hill almost seems like a sort of paradise to the people that live there. With snowcapped mountains appearing in the distance, and hills that seem to roll on forever, this is a growing community that is suited for affluent people that are looking for a rural setting.

Luxurious custom-built homes are the order of the day in this area and you won't find any of the cookie-cutter types of homes here. Instead, when you first visit this neighborhood, you'll see luxury homes that have more of a log cabin feel to them resting on generous lot sizes.

Springbank Hill is a family type of neighborhood with plenty of children to be seen at play on any given day. There is an abundance of private schools nearby and the many public and Catholic schools in the area all have a great reputation. In fact, many parents choose this location simply based on the schools available.

This is a safe area to raise children or to retire in style. This community has a crime rate that is lower than average and offers residents a quality of life that is definitely considered above average.

As a West End community that is close enough to the city to stay connected but far enough away to still be considered rural, this is prime Calgary real estate at its best. The terrain is full of hills, which makes unobstructed views of the mountains a real possibility for many homeowners.

This neighborhood is definitely something to aspire to if you are just getting started in the Calgary real estate market. Combined family incomes need to be over the six-figure mark per year in order to afford one of these higher-end homes. It's definitely worth the cost, however, since along with the view, homeowners can enjoy huge lots, homes that are larger than 3000 ft.² in size and a view to die for.

Springbank Hill is an oasis of tranquil beauty that offers everything you could possibly need within a 15 minute drive. With a wide selection of single family homes, condos and luxury estates, there is something in this community that can appeal to anyone.

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