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One of the biggest challenges real estate agents face is attracting enough leads. At Justin Havre & Associates, we have the opposite problem — we have more leads than our team can handle, so we're looking to hire experienced agents NOW!

Why Join Justin Havre & Associates?

✔ Receive leads daily!
✔ Our state-of-the-art Lead Management System
✔ Smart Lead Conversion tools & proven systems
✔ Access powerful marketing materials that create value
No Marketing Expenses!
No Listing Expenses!
Sell More Homes
✔ We were CIR Realty’s #1 Team in 2013, 2012 and 2011, and are now backed by RE/MAX!
✔ You can leverage Calgary’s most powerful real estate web presence

Agent Testimonials

Mike Hannah"Looking for endless potential? Do you work hard? I've been a real estate agent for 15 years, and am a top producer in a company of more than 650 real estate professionals. Why join Justin's team? Simple: the potential to do something that you love and have an endless, almost ridiculous, supply of potential leads. Not cold calling leads, not open house leads — actual people looking to buy a home.

The systems set up for us to use are at the top of the game, and will no doubt benefit you. If you implement the systems and use them to your advantage, you will have more leads and potential deals sitting there than you could ever imagine. Want to do 50 deals? 100? More? It's very possible, depending on how hard you want to work. Maybe you're a newer real estate agent who can't find a steady supply of leads or contacts. Well, that's all supplied for you for you here. What you do with them is up to you, but there will be no question that you'll receive quality leads on a regular basis. Technology, marketing, and lead management — all at the highest level. By joining Justin Havre & Associates, you'll gain a team of supportive agents and a reputation that will get you respect from sellers and buyers before you even walk in the door. What more could you want?

I was a little hesitant at first, thinking I had enough business on my own, and I was very happy with my career. Then I thought if there is so much potential out there, why not go and grab it? I am happy that I did and, haven't looked back."

—Mike Hannah


Christine Tulk"When I first got into real estate, I really wanted to do it on my own. I tried for a year and a half. Cold calling, door knocking, marketing, buyers' and sellers' gifts, listing costs, photos; it all added up. In the end, I was just making enough to cover it all.

I finally joined Justin Havre & Associates and it has been wonderful. Not only am I busier and getting the clients, I don't have the overhead anymore. I don't have the cost of gifts, marketing, photos, listing costs, etc. etc. etc.! AND I have earned 3x more this year than I did last year. Another benefit I've noticed is when other real estate professionals hear that you are with this team, they treat you differently; they give you more respect. They don't try to walk all over you in a transaction. It is a wonderful team with a great support system. We are all there for each other."

—Christine Tulk


Tonya Vanderkooy


"If you have the motivation and the drive, then leads are here waiting for you! Dive in, the water is deep!"

—Tonya Vanderkooy


Andreya Bidulka


"There aren't many places in life where you will find both quality and quantity. The quantity of leads and the quality of support behind each and every one of those leads has been beyond any thing I ever expected. Overall, the only regret I have when it comes to joining Justin Havre & Associates; is not doing it sooner!"

—Andreya Bidulka


Sarah Kirby

"I find the lead management system very easy to navigate. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible based on the lead groups. The reminders and the pre-written emails have easily been my favourite though. The emails are well-written, genuine and personal. The Buyer Packets have been especially helpful for my first time buyers. It explains everything step by step and shows them the paperwork that we use to make the buying process less intimidating."

—Sarah Kirby


Don Sandeman

"The current lead volume is excellent!! I've never experienced leads in this capacity. The management system is really handy with drips and follow-ups; very good interface. They've thought of everything to simplify and make it easy for the end user. Definitely feel that their marketing and lack of cost to the agent make it the best decision I have made in my real estate career."

—Don Sandeman



Krystal Jessome

"Justin's team is great! The way his team is set up makes "work" seem effortless. With the amount of leads he acquires daily, you are able to work as much or as little as you'd like. Justin and Courtney set you up with the fundamentals to keep you organized, but you are still able to structure your time to suit your lifestyle. You will see a change in your business and your level of interaction immediately without having to put countless hours into open houses and door knocking. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be on Justin's team."

—Krystal Jessome



Tammy To

“I've gained more valuable experience in the month of January than I've had all of last year! Within the first 2 weeks, I wrote 2 offers. I'm more confident when talking with clients. The support on both the tech side/admin, and the mentoring side has been prompt and encouraging. I never feel afraid to ask anything I'm unsure of. In fact, I feel questions are welcomed. The lead volume is endless, so every day is a fresh start!”

—Tammy To


Fiona Connolly"This type of lead volume I have never heard of. Nobody, as far as I know, has been able to even come close. It's nowhere near anything I have ever been able to do on my own. The lead management system is excellent. It is very similar to something I had to pay for with reminders, pre-written emails, etc. It's very easy to use and the drips and pre-written emails are well-written. The buyer presentations, etc. are all streets ahead of anyone else and give a very professional and upmarket impression to both clients and other real estate professionals. The coaching is superb and has enabled me to double my transactions year over year the past two years. The team is phenomenal. Great people who always have your back especially if life interrupts work"

—Fiona Connolly


Heather Nickel

"If you have ever thought of joining a team but are not sure if it is the right move, let me assure you. If you are on the Justin Havre & Associates team it IS the right move if you are looking for success, support, knowledge, coaching and resources. I have been on Justin's team for a year and a half now and I have only scratched the surface of what I can accomplish. I had an amazing 2014 with an abundance of sales and more leads than I could ever dream of. There is so much knowledge to help you become a successful realtor, the sky is the limit! Justin Havre is an awesome leader who is fantastic to work with. Give it a try, I promise you it will be the best decision you have ever made!"

—Heather Nickel


Krista Brown

I joined Justin Havre and Associates two months ago and I love it. I am supplied with more leads than I could imagine; an amazing support system within a team of fantastic people and all the systems for buyers and sellers already set up. I have worked in Real Estate for 7 years — some years on a team and some years on my own, and Justin Havre and Associates is truly the best of both worlds. I regret not joining sooner.

—Krista Brown


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