Calculate Your Mortgage Payments

Standard Mortgage Calculator
This basic mortgage calculator is a helpful budgeting tool that determines your monthly payments. Simply select the property cost and your loan preferences, then let the calculator do the rest!

Maximum Mortgage
Sometimes we just want to know our absolute limit. This income-based calculator will tell you the highest mortgage you are able to qualify for.

Mortgage Analyzer
Plan your mortgage payments, your amortization schedule and calculate exactly what you will owe in 5 years. This is a great tool for shorter-term mortgage and life planning.

Pre-payment Analyzer
Additional mortgage payments, called pre-payments or lump sum payments, can save you a lot of money in interest over the course of your mortgage by reducing the amortization period. Use this tool to calculate how much you will save by making various payments.

Payment Analyzer
Use this handy tool to see how your amortization period is affected by different payment frequencies. For the same overall monthly cost, paying bi-weekly or weekly can often reduce the amortization by months or even years. This analyzer is great for people interested in making big savings at no cost.

Rent or Buy Analyzer
Still trying to figure out whether a home purchase is worth it? This analyzer can help you decide by weighing the financial benefit of renting versus buying.