Why Relationships & Reputation Matter to Justin Havre

Justin Havre and RE/MAX First work very hard to maintain a professional relationship with all those involved in the transaction.

We know that if a transaction goes smoothly, it reflects well on everyone involved. We are knowledgeable professionals. When we work with less-experienced Real Estate Professionals, we don’t disparage them or complain about the extra work we may have to do. We pick up the slack and make the transaction work for our clients and theirs.

We will take the time to get it right, regardless of how the commission is split or whose client is whose.

In light of this, other Real Estate Professionals are more willing to cooperate with a Real Estate Professional they enjoy working with, and have had a good experience with in the past.

If we are unprofessional or difficult to deal with, it affects the number of Real Estate Professionals willing to show our listings and willing to cooperate with our Buyer’s Real Estate Professional.